Fundraising from the Heart

In Fundraising, Strategic Planning by Geoff Burns

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position to help you fulfill the desires of your heart and compound your vision and effort”. -John Maxwell
A great fundraiser does not do well simply because of the knowledge he or she acquires, there is another important skill that cannot be taught, and that is passion. Finding passion for raising funds is a key element to connecting with donors, and to help with your own personal drive for your fundraising work. Without heart your efforts will not reach their potential and donors will notice the lack of drive and enthusiasm. Follow these three steps and personal questions to help your passion grow.

Revisit the past:
Take time to remember why you decided to get into the business of raising funds in the first place, what made you excited? What did you set out to change in the world? Apply these answers to your current projects and you will notice a positive difference in your approach.

Explore your potential:
What are the skills that make you unique as a fundraiser? Take the time to examine your background, and special set of skills, how can you best utilize those skills to make a difference? Ignite your confidence and your passion will show.

Always go back to the mission:
Take time to remind yourself of the cause in which you are passionate about. Think of new and creative ways to promote awareness that will drive your passion and motivate your donors.