Relational Equity

In Board Development, Fundraising by Geoff Burns

Advancing the mission through philanthropy has less to do with dollars and more to do with experiences and relationships. While increasing funds is always part of fundraising, dollars raised is really a byproduct of strong relational equity.

Its About Trust

Prospective donors need to trust that their dollars will impact the organization in a positive manner. Transparency is crucial to showing both the need for support and how gifts to the organization will advance the mission.

Who You Know

When it comes to volunteer fundraisers, its about their relationships. Many nonprofits benefit from the relationships of their board members, staff and volunteers. Everyone plays a role in growing philanthropy for the organization. Engaging personal relationships is a key method of increasing both donations as well as the volunteer pool.

Nonprofit organizations need to use their relational equity to leverage opportunities to advance their mission. The best thing a person can do for an organization he or she cares about is to share the passion with family and friends.