Your Nonprofit Brand

In Evaluations, Fundraising, Strategic Planning by Geoff Burns

Everyone know that money is tight, especially when it comes to non profit organizations, but how can you still accomplish branding your unique non profit with out spending large dollars on marketing? Whether your an Executive Director, a Board Member, or a Staff Member of an organization you are actively involved with your non profits brand; constantly telling your compelling stories and showing people the beauty of your mission. As an organization grows its important to always be thinking about how to make your organization be remembered. Answer these questions about your organization to help you creatively accomplish your non profit brand.

What can you offer to the community?

Does your organization have a unique retail item or service that it gives to the community? Think outside the box of who can benefit from your unique services, and then contact them to help promote you. You will be surprised the result you can get from thinking outside the box about your services.

Who do you serve?

Determine who your target market is and make sure that your literature is geared toward who you are trying to serve. Many times non profits will try to make themselves to broad and in the process not hone in who they should

Where can I leave an impression?

Once you have detrmined who you want to reach go out and reach them!

  • Spend significant time on a logo and mission statement that truly speaks to who you are as an organization. Then put it on every piece of literature or promotional material you print. This is money well spend if your logo catches attention.
  • Don’t underestimate good old fashioned flyers. Using smaller fliers that you can cut out three to a page on colored paper with bold leteering works great if left in the right places
  • Call around to places that may want to promote who you are. Dr’s offices, banks, and coffee shops are a great place to pick up literature.
  • Send out Press releases at appropriate times of the year to create aweness
  • Billboards are not all bad, and may be more cost effective than you think, Especially in small community take out a billboard for a few months in a strategic time of year that’s best to promote your unique non profit.

Kristy Burns -Senior Consultant Burns and associates LTD, Associate Consultant, Hartsook Companies, Inc.