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Not all non-profit organizations are the same, however, there are topically many similarities. High functioning high impact organizations all have one major thing in common: They assess and evaluate at regular intervals and make changes according to external and internal factors just like their corporate counterparts.

Our company, Burns & Associates, Ltd. is based out of Central Ohio, but we work with clients all over the country. We offer many different services for non-profit organizations including organizational assessments, business plan writing and review, board and leadership development and evaluations, strategic and work planning, and program evaluations.

We also consult for organizations that need capital campaigns, and other fundraising, non-profit start ups, and struggling organization turnarounds. Burns & Associates, Ltd. is not a legal firm and no view or opinion ever mentioned in this blog should be considered legal advice. Always consult an attorney for any and all legal advice.

Periodically one of our associates will post on a specific topic related to non-profit organizations. the purpose is to emphasize the importance of quality high level governance to ensure positive and effective impact on the communities which the non-profit serves. We hope this blog will provide useful insight and though provoking dialogue that will encourage greater understanding of the nonprofit realm and the roles we play in maintaining a healthy mission driven organization.

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