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Give and Get

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In any leadership role, you will encounter situations that require acquisition of new or expansion of existing resources. In this case, consider anything that could be considered a resource: cash, volunteers, staff, toilet paper, etc. Savvy leaders always begin by identifying both the specific resource needs and the quantity. Additionally, leaders utilize their networks, time and personal resources to assist …

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Leaders and Managers

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Much has been written on the subject of leaders vs. managers. It is likely that what you are reading today is nothing new, but hopefully you can take the information and glean something new for your organization to help improve your role in leadership (or management). It is often said that “leaders have people that follow them, but managers have …

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The Next Chapter

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It is hard to believe that we are coming to the close of the year and before long the snow will fly, we will get an extra hour of sleep that will be taken away in the spring, and new year’s resolutions will be made and then later forgotten. However, there is one thing that comes to mind when times …

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Death by Micromanagement

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When it comes to achieving results, management is needed. Goals need managed. Resources need managed. Programs need managed. People need managed. (See the trend here?) The reality is that everything needs some sort of management. Entropy is the natural increase in disorder in a system. Management is the process by which we try to limit or mitigate the disorder into …

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Not all non-profit organizations are the same, however, there are topically many similarities. High functioning high impact organizations all have one major thing in common: They assess and evaluate at regular intervals and make changes according to external and internal factors just like their corporate counterparts. Our company, Burns & Associates, Ltd. is based out of Central Ohio, but we …

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Want a Fundraising Board?

In Board Development, Fundraising, Introduction by Geoff Burns

Want a Fundraising Board? By Guest Blogger Karin Cox, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Hartsook Companies, Inc. We often hear nonprofit executives and directors of development complain that their board members don’t fundraise. In their defense, think about all the years that go into making a good fundraiser—the reading, mentoring, seminars and schooling, research, asking questions, making …

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Building Better Boards

In Board Development by Geoff Burns

Boards have the ultimate responsibility for making decisions on behalf of the organization. It doesn’t matter how big or small the organization is, the board can make or break the mission. Before you decide to nudge your board into a major overhaul, it is important know if a change is needed. As mentioned in the last post, assessments can help …

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What’s Your Event Fundraising Strategy

In Fundraising, Strategic Planning by Geoff Burns

Not all events have the same purpose. Before you decide to host an event for your organization, you first need to follow the following steps. Create a special event that is meaningful to your organization, your board, and current volunteers. Pick something that is important but also that the community will want to be a part of and support. Spend …

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So You Want to Start a Nonprofit Organization

In Start-ups by Geoff Burns

Everyday people are finding new causes to support. These causes range from small local concerns to global or international issues. Occasionally, a person or group of people decide they want to start their own non-profit organization. If this sounds like you, then consider this first. You don’t own your non-profit organization. You may be responsible for it, but you don’t …

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SWOT-External Analysis

In Board Development, Evaluations, Strategic Planning by Geoff Burns

Continuing on from the internal analysis post, this month I want to focus on the external environment. As you should now know, the internal analysis is all about assessing your organization from the inside (strengths and weaknesses). The internal environment is what you can control. The external environment you cannot control. The “O” and “T” of the SWOT are the …