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Relational Equity

In Board Development, Fundraising by Geoff Burns

Advancing the mission through philanthropy has less to do with dollars and more to do with experiences and relationships. While increasing funds is always part of fundraising, dollars raised is really a byproduct of strong relational equity. Its About Trust Prospective donors need to trust that their dollars will impact the organization in a positive manner. Transparency is crucial to …

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Fundraising from the Heart

In Fundraising, Strategic Planning by Geoff Burns

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position to help you fulfill the desires of your heart and compound your vision and effort”. -John Maxwell A great fundraiser does not do well simply because of the knowledge he or she acquires, there is another important skill that cannot be taught, and that is passion. Finding passion for raising funds is a key element to connecting with donors, …

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Lead By Example

In Board Development, Evaluations, Fundraising by Geoff Burns

Every organization needs effective leadership. From strategic planning to fundraising, leadership starts with the board of directors. Furthermore, the board should have a strong leader to chair the organization’s priorities. Effective leadership begins with the Chair of the board. This individual must exemplify leadership in both word and deed. It is not enough to “fill the seat.” When organizations struggle, …

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In Evaluations, Strategic Planning by Geoff Burns

Its likely that you have heard of a SWOT analysis, but what is STOP? STOP is a survival technique used by various military, para-military, and survival enthusiasts. STOP stands for Situation, Threats, Observations, Plan. For organizations experiencing any sort of hardship or increased challenges, it may be time to STOP. A formal strategic plan is always preferred, but for any …

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Your Nonprofit Brand

In Evaluations, Fundraising, Strategic Planning by Geoff Burns

Everyone know that money is tight, especially when it comes to non profit organizations, but how can you still accomplish branding your unique non profit with out spending large dollars on marketing? Whether your an Executive Director, a Board Member, or a Staff Member of an organization you are actively involved with your non profits brand; constantly telling your compelling …