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Mission Drift

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As an organization ages, it is not uncommon for it to experience “drift.” Drift can be a natural process of the shifting landscape with which an organization operates. A controlled approach to change is not really the same as drift, however. The March of Dimes comes to mind. Their original purpose was to eradicate polio, which for all intents and …

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Pinnacles and Milestones

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Welcome to 2018. For some of you, 2017 was a banner year. For others, it may have seen more setbacks. Regardless of how 2017 ended, that was last year and this is now. It is time to build off of last year and realize that no matter what you did in the past, there are still opportunities to improve processes, …

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The Next Chapter

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It is hard to believe that we are coming to the close of the year and before long the snow will fly, we will get an extra hour of sleep that will be taken away in the spring, and new year’s resolutions will be made and then later forgotten. However, there is one thing that comes to mind when times …