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No One Wants to Save a Sinking Ship

In Board Development, Fundraising, Start-ups, Strategic Planning by Geoff Burns

Every organization thinks that they have an important mission and that everyone should support their work. The truth is that not everyone will support your mission, and that is especially true if you are struggling. Furthermore, no one wants to spend their hard earned money supporting an organization that is dying. Asking potential donors to “save” this or that will …

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So You Want to Start a Nonprofit Organization

In Start-ups by Geoff Burns

Everyday people are finding new causes to support. These causes range from small local concerns to global or international issues. Occasionally, a person or group of people decide they want to start their own non-profit organization. If this sounds like you, then consider this first. You don’t own your non-profit organization. You may be responsible for it, but you don’t …