Principal Consultant, Geoffrey Burns first book, Rescuing the Mission: The Geneva Hills Story is now available online from Tate Publishing. Nonprofit organizations are institutions which are imperative to the ongoing well-being and uplifting encouragement of many disenfranchised or underprivileged people. In his personal account of working at a formerly Presbyterian camp, Geneva Hills, Burns enumerates the benefits of nonprofit and missionary organizations, while offering sound advice and encouragement based on personal experience for pursuers of the same goal. From financial details to strategies for stretching a budget and accommodating large groups, Burns offers practical advice that is easy to utilize and manifest into a successful nonprofit of your very own. To access the sage advice and inspiring tale of Geoffrey Burns and Geneva Hills, simply pick up this book and learn the secret to Rescuing the Mission. Click here to order today!
Geoff also hosts a weekly radio program called Burns on a Mission, and dedicated to the management and operation of non profit organizations on the local station 90.9 fm WFCO.  You can hear the show every Monday morning at 9:15. Geoff has guests from various aspects of the non profit realm to speak on subjects that matter to local issues as well as concerns for all non profit organizations. Click here to visit the facebook page for the show.
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