Strategic Planning and Strategic Development and Leadership are great buzz words to make your organization sound like you’re moving forward. However, according to the Project Management Institute(PMI), organizations loose $149 million for every $1 billion spent on strategic initiatives due to poor execution. These dollars are wasted not because of lack of value, but because of lack of implementation and application. Burns and Associates not only can take you through a strategic development process, but can guide you to implement your change initiatives along the way. Our process will keep your organization focused on your goals with our exclusive Application Plans. Leadership is more than the plan and vision. Success is focused on the application and development outcomes.
Structure Optimization Planning helps your organization improve legitimacy and enhance governance in preparation of development and growth through mission expansion, board development, social entrepreneurship, organizational development, fundraising readiness, capital campaigns, and other ventures. Our 4-6 month SOP process will ensure the highest chance of successful longevity and sustainability for your organization’s unique needs by strengthening bonds within the community, leadership, and donor base.

Burns & Associates will guide your organization to optimum functionality through:

  • Organizational Structure
    • Developing the legal structure
    • Board member roles, expectations, and obligations
    • Leadership, management, and staff
    • Bylaws development and functionality
  • Visibility
    • Branding
    • Public Awareness
    • Marketing Strategies
  • Annual Giving
    • Annual Appeals
    • Events
    • Monthly Giving Programs
    • Memberships
  • Policy
    • Financial Oversight
    • Software usage
    • Terminology
    • Industry Standards
    • Human Resource Development
    • Gift Acceptance
    • Internal Policies and Procedures
  • Board Governance
    • Job Descriptions
    • Mission Management
    • Diversification
    • Needs Management
    • Succession Plans
    • Founders Syndrome Issues
Social Entrepreneurship is the use of business ideas and techniques to develop, fund and implement creative solutions to sustain their non-profit operation. There are several types of social entrepreneurs, and they are not all created equal. Burns and Associates helps apply and implement the concepts of Social Enterprise in a number of ways specific to your organization’s needs with our education, experience, and success in this unique area of the non-profit sector. Success of a Social Enterprise Venture is based on doing good for society and creating a new bottom line through the venture that increases your organization’s capacity through a new revenue stream.

Social Enterprise Ventures can be applied to organizations of all size and scope, some examples include:

  • Restaurants
  • Housing Units
  • Coffee Houses
  • Novelty Gifts
  • Unique Services or Experiences
Board and Leadership Evaluations and Reviews are frequently overlooked by small and growing organizations. Effective leadership evaluation starts with the board of directors, the officers, and the Executive Director. Our review process evaluates the effectiveness of the board members in their roles, provides education for board development, and ensures that the organization adheres to the highest ethical and regulatory standards.

Executive Director reviews evaluate the effectiveness of the senior leadership. This is an honest, confidential process where our consultants are able to engage the ED in dialogue to verify execution of organizational objectives and to identify concerns between policy and operations.

Organizational Assessments are like going to the doctor for a physical exam. They evaluate the organization to give a baseline reading of the overall health of the charity and to provide feedback on ways to improve. These assessments provide insight on industry standards, and document the effectiveness of the organization.
In addition to macro evaluations, our associates are able to provide specific evaluation of existing and proposed program initiatives to ensure that your programs are designed and managed to achieve desired outcomes in a measurable way.
Leadership Team Initiatives are a series of activities and challenges to build team unity, trust and critical thinking skills to unique and abstract situations. These experiential learning sessions are both fun and challenging and are specifically tailored to the needs of your organization.
We understand that people are an organizations most important resource and our custom programs are designed to build team cohesion, and forge new relationships among your members. The purpose is simple, to focus your team on a singular mission and collective goals.
High school and collegiate teams along with corporate and professional leadership benefit from this unique approach to problem solving. There is no classroom learning here. We can even travel to your location or help secure alternative sites for full and half day sessions.
Strategic Donor and Client Appreciation: Process of improving the overall relational health of donors and clients, through effective individualized appreciation methods to maintain and increase revenue through donor and client retention.

Donor and Client Appreciation is used to enhance existing and implement new strategies for donor/client retention to contribute to operational development health of your organization.

Methods to implement Donor/Client Appreciation are highly individualized to build relational equity, which in turn means a strong bottom line for your organization. Services for Appreciation Plans can be catered to your needs large or small to help increase a culture of appreciation in your organization.

Plans can be implemented after an internal assessment, and carried out by your organization alone, or can have additional services for correspondence added through Simple Sentiment (put logo) to implement items in your organizations plan.

Events encourage a sense of cohesiveness and promotes communication and transparency for your organization/community. Having a signature event for your organization is vital to help gain awareness and promote your mission. However, all “events” are not created equally or on the same scale, and an event does not have to be grand to be a success. Every event must have a planned strategic purpose well before the physical aspects of planning can begin. If you are planning a special event just to make money, or even worse, just to make ends meet, than you may want strategic help with your planning. Call today for a free assessment to learn steps to make your event not only successful, but an important strategy of your organization’s overall goals.
No organization is complete without a formal business plan. More than a strategic plan, a business plan is a comprehensive approach to the who, what, why, when, where and how of your organization. Many funders and donors want to see the business plan before considering support. This is especially true for new and young organizations. Our experienced consultants will help you revise your existing business plan or help write your first. Our process will get your ideas and plans into a legible format that will impress the most discerning of investors. During the process we will cover the general description and purpose, products and services, marketing, operations, management, organization, financial statements and plans including fundraising, and a series of support documents to thoroughly cover your organization and operations.
Burns & Associates has had a long standing partnership with Hartsook Companies to service fundraising campaigns. Our consultants also serve as associates for Hartsook Companies, providing you with the best team of specialists for your specific fundraising needs.

Your organization needs a wide range of fundraising skills to grow philanthropy. That’s why we have assembled a team of specialist consultants who possess expertise in all facets of fundraising. Our diverse array of services are research-based and designed for your fundraising success.

Hartsook is a leader in the fundraising profession, with the only named, endowed chair in fundraising in the world – the Robert F. Hartsook Chair in Fundraising at Indiana University – and Hartsook Institutes for Fundraising, a higher education opportunity for fundraisers.

Today, successful fundraising is not simply raising money. Real fundraising success means reaching your full potential. Any organization can attract support. But Hartsook clients are raising the most money.

Strategic planning is the primary process and key responsibility of the board. Our consultants provide a soundboard to facilitate your strategic planning process. Historically, Strategic plans were 3-5 years or even 5-10 year documents. However, in today’s fast paced climate, most strategic plans seldom span more than two years. Effective facilitation of the strategic planning process is crucial to clarity of the mission. Our consultants provide support and the skills needed to effectively guide the board through strategic and work planning so your leadership can focus on developing goals and methods to achieve them.
If you are in the process or considering starting a new nonprofit organization, we are here to assist. While starting a new organization sounds the the noble thing to do, the process and cost to start a new charity means that most startups fail within the first 3 years. We can help avoid costly mistakes and better prepare your organization for the commitment and responsibility that comes with operating a nonprofit.