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Attorney and Law Firm Bar Specific Bookkeeping Requirements

Attorneys have very specific bookkeeping and reporting requirements, especially if you utilize retainers and trusts. We specialize in keeping you compliant with the Bar, while speeding up timekeeping, billing, and collections. 

Service areas

Leverage the power of a Legal Specific Tech Stack to increase your billable hours and save time on practice management.


Law Firm Software

We utilize a specific set of cloud based software systems that are designed specifically to support law firm needs without the bloat of services you don’t need. 


Professional Bookkeeping

With proper integration, Quickbooks Online houses the accounting data so your information is safe and secure. Additionally, your firm’s needs are easily customizable. 


Custom Reporting

No two law firms are alike. The metrics you need to evaluate profitability and compensation are not a “one size fits all” solution. We customize your reporting . 


Practice Management

Whether you love managing your firm, or you drew the short straw, we have the tools and resources to ensure you can manage your firm with ease. 



Thousands of hours of billable time goes unbilled for firms across the US. Our timekeeping solutions make it simple and easy to capture time spent on matters from your computer or phone. 


Billing and Collections

Simple, integrated billing and payment processing allows you to request retainer funds, pay invoices or both at the same time. Our clients average 48 hrs from invoice creation to collection. 

Reviews From Our Clients

"With a passionate, yet practical approach to leading organizations through development and change processes, Geoff and Kristy have demonstrated that they understand what it takes to get an organization on track. Whether the organization is new and needs guidance, existing but needing redirection or successful but looking to go to the next level, their knowledge, experience and commitment will help each organization achieve its unique goals.”
Angela Krile
President & CEO, Krile Communications
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