Solutions to Maximize your Mission

Structure Optimization

We know you are busy running your organization. That's why we are here to help you grow strategically.

Structure Optimization Planning

Our Structure Optimization Planning (SOP) process will help you plan for the future.

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Leadership Evaluation

Leadership comes in many forms, that is why we can help you assess your volunteer and paid leadership teams.

Leadership Evaluation

Our evaluation process covers mission alignment, best practices, roles for board, staff and joint responsibilities.

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Social Entreprenuership

The use of business ides to implement creative solutions to sustain your nonprofit operation.

Social Entreprenuership

Social Enterprise Ventures can be applied to organizations of all size and scope.

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It’s All AboutThe Mission

  • Mission Impact

    Changing the world

  • Growing Philanthropy

    Increase financial support

  • Community Involvement

    Social Responsibility

Our ClientsLove Our Services

“With a passionate, yet practical approach to leading organizations through development and change processes, Geoff and Kristy have demonstrated that they understand what it takes to get an organization on track. Whether the organization is new and needs guidance, existing but needing redirection or successful but looking to go to the next level, their knowledge, experience and commitment will help each organization achieve its unique goals.”Angela Krile, President & CEO, Krile Communications

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with Geoff three different times over the last four years, and we’ve greatly enjoyed the experiences with him. His attention to detail in planning exercises and activities that fit the needs of our team is impressive, and his ability to connect with our team members during debriefing opportunities allow the activities to transfer into real improvement in our team and culture.”Deane Webb, Women's Volleyball Head Coach, Ohio University